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It's National Vinegar Day today, but I don't have a sour face.   I'm puckering with delight to announce my traditional, but new libation - Yum Yum Tonics.

These Chinese drinking vinegars have burgeoned in the port town of San Francisco.  In keeping with local tradition, I prepare small batches of seasonal,hand-pressed fruits, infused into apple cider vinegar to create a delicate, sweet and sour concoction.

Yum Yum Tonic's Winter flavors are Persimmon, Elderberry and Asian Pear!


Vinegar comes from the French words vin aigre, or "sour wine, " and it's an age old remedy said to treat just about anything - think Windex from My Big Fat Greek Wedding. So, take a dose of this palatable remedy every day and enjoy good health and good company.

Basic Recipe:

2 oz. of Yum Yum vinegar concentrate

8 oz. sparkly water

Stir and Sip